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Zinc Sulphate
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Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate
Molecular Formula: ZnSO4 .H2O 

                      Zinc Sulphate, Zinc Chemical ZnSO4.H2O White Fine Powder Suitable for use in agriculture
             Benefits: Zinc sulfate, also known as Zinc, is a very used product. And is useful in agriculture. In the past, farmers used a lot of chemical fertilizer, which is the staple food of plants But forgot to think of the implicit supplements, resulting in reduced productivity, so farmers should also focus on the nutrients for the plants. Completely absorbed food and nutrients
             Zinc, too, has a role in relation to plant hormones. Plants lacking zinc provide lower amounts of hormones. The buds and joints of the plant are not perfect. The leaves were out of order, yellow cards In addition, zinc is responsible for the gastric juice of many plants for food production and photosynthesis. Resulting in the creation of chlorophyll directly to plants Symptoms similar to plants lacking manganese sulfate Characteristics of use: Dissolve zinc sulphate, spraying along the leaves. So that plants can absorb nutrients through the leaves, plants will be used immediately. Or can be sprinkled at the base of the plant Notice after using for about 10 days, the symptoms will gradually disappear. Importantly, zinc helps the plant to be resistant to hot or cold climates. Farmers can buy these at companies that sell in general. Zinc in the form of zinc sulfate will give more zinc than other sources.
                The company has distributed a bag of 25 kilograms in size, willing to deliver throughout the country.

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