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Potassium permanganate
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Potassium Permanganate  
1. Dark purple granular or needle crystal
                   2.KMnO4                                               99.3 %  min
                   3.SO4                                                    0.05%  max
                   4.CL                                                       0.01%  max
                   5.water insolubles                                    0.2  %  max

     Potassium permanganate Formular KMnO4 is a type of inorganic chemical which has flakes or dark purple crystals. Soluble in water, chemically considered a type of salt. Has a weak alkalinity and oxidative properties (Oxidation) strongly There are many benefits in industry, medical, household use, ranch, aquaculture.
   Benefits of potassium permanganate
Is used in the industry as an oxidizing agent, such as the textile industry. And is used in daily life and in the household as an antiseptic. Potassium permanganate can kill bacteria and fungi well by mixing 4-5 potassium permanganate mixed with 4-5 liters of water to wash and soak vegetables, fruits and meat. Different types of animals When soaking is finished, then wash vegetables, fruits, or meats with clean water several more times after washing is complete.
Must be left for at least 30 minutes before eating can be eaten safely

    Which not only kills germs, potassium permanganate can also wash chemical residues in vegetables and fruits as well. In addition,  Can also be used to kill germs in the water Antifungal and bacterial, as well as algae and can be used as a bleach. Potassium permanganate is also commonly used to kill germs in the aquarium to get rid of mold and bacteria by turning the water into the aquarium. Add potassium permanganate to soak for 1 night. Just as this will help to kill germs.                                                                                                                                                                                       Potassium permanganate  is also used to clean fresh food that is used. Young fish water mite larvae, earthworms, red worms, etc. With the introduction of fresh food are soaked in water, potassium permanganate at concentrations of 0.5-1 g per 1 liter of water, leave for 10-20 minutes, then rinse with clean water several times. Other benefits such as Used to control odor Used in iron analysis Disinfect eggs Potassium permanganate is also used to wash the wound to kill germs and there are reports of the use of potassium permanganate in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Which is found to be able to help reduce inflammation and swelling of the hemorrhoids.
       Caution of potassium permanganate
1. Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidizing agent that can cause an explosion. Do not cause strong vibrations or heat. Flames, including friction And contact with oxidizing substances can cause severe burns. Storage Potassium permanganate
should be stored in a sealed container. Store in a cool, dry place, separate from incompatible substances such as organic substances, combustible substances, or easily oxidized substances.
        The company sells 50 kilograms and 20 kilograms, 1 kilograms. Welcome to deliver throughout the country.
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