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Calcium Hydroxide
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Hydrate Lime



Calcium hydroxide %

99 min

Magnesium oxide %

2 max

Ferric oxide %

2 max

Silica %

3 max

Manganese %


Hydrated lime, used for soil improvement, water conditioning, waste water treatment
        Lime is a material that is obtained from the burning of limestone (Calcium Carbonate) using high heat, so it is calcined (Calcium Oxide). When it cools down, sprinkle the water with water. Calcium can react with water to form calcium hydroxide. The dry powder form is lime.
          Lime used in agriculture is used a lot for soil improvement. So that the soil is pH neutral and can kill soil germs Because the soil is acidic soil such as acidic soil, acidic soil, moldy soil, which is often used in paddy fields, vegetable gardens and orchards to improve soil quality. Suitable for planting
          Hydrated lime In the production of tap water, it is necessary to add lime. To adjust the water condition to have the right pH and kill germs Add oxygen to the water too
          In the treatment of wastewater discharged from general industrial plants Which the water released is highly acidic With a foul-like odor of sulfur Hydrated lime also helps to reduce the condition of the water. While also reducing foul odors or sulfur, and at the same time adding oxygen to the water as well
           The company has a size 350 mesh, distributed in bags of 25 kilograms in size. Welcomed nationwide.
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