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Calcium Chloride95%(powder)
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Port: Leam Chabang Port in Thailand
Minimum Order Quantity: 20 Tons
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
  Calcium Chloride 95%, CaCL2 is white crystal Soluble in water, soaked in vegetables and fruits.
                 calcium chloride 95%, has a white crystalline appearance If directly touched by hand, it will have a little heat and cause moisture quickly. 95% Calcium Chloride is used in the petrochemical industry as a solvent. In the winter there is snow covered on the road, using Calcium Chloride to melt the snow, which countries in the cold season will use a lot. The construction and road construction industry, Calcium Chloride, is the catalyst of concrete in construction so that the cement will harden quickly.
                Calcium chloride is a desiccant. Accelerate sedimentation in the rubber industry As a chloridizing welding agent and additive in ferrous metals Is an additive in the paper making industry and Also used for getting rid of waste paper ink Is a SO42 elimination And precipitation of Sodium alginate in the chemical industry In the cooling industry Used as a humidifier for making artificial rain. Used in the production of dyes and printing and industrial dyeing, etc.
                Calcium chloride in shrimp farms plays an important role in the formation of shrimp shells because the time that the shrimp will grow at different times. The molt must first be peeled off and the newly created shell is soft. Will make the shrimp healthy Therefore need to add calcium Chloride into the water to accelerate the shrimp to form a hard shell faster
                Calcium chloride, food grade, looks like a white crystal If touched by hand directly, there will be a little heat and moisture can be produced quickly. Mostly used in vegetables and fruits to help increase stability, firm texture. The crisp content is 5 grams of Calcium Chloride per 1 liter of water. Soak for 15-20 minutes. Mostly used in the food industry, canned fruit such as lychee, longan, apple, tomato and potato. At concentrations of not more than 1 percent, Calcium Chloride is also added to milk during production, as water does not exceed 0.1 percent to adjust the salt balance. Will help prevent milk settling during microbial depletion And how to observe what kind of calcium chloride is food grade Or industrial grade as follows, look at the content of calcium If it is food grade it will be more white. Look at the packaging, the label will be labeled as food grade, food additives, or from the product specification.
                The company has imported from China, Japan. Distribution of bags of 25 kilograms in size. Willing to deliver nationwide.




White Powder

Calcium Chloride  (as CaCL2)

95.0% Min

Chloride Contact  (as Ca(OH2)


Alkalinity (as Ca(OH2)

0.3% Max

Water Insoluble

0.3% Max

Sulphate Contact (as CaSo4)

0.002% Max



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