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Acetic acid
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Widely used in textile industry, fiber industry, Pharmacia industry, pesticide industry, dyestuff industry, plastic industry, rubber industry 
Acetic Acid

              Acetic acid or acetic acid for food, industry, agriculture, medical
 Acetic acid or food grade
acetic acid contains 99.99% acetic acid, which is organic acid or organic chemical compound found in nature, has weak acid, clear, colorless, has a unique pungent odor, has a taste Sour, volatile, dissolves well in water, alcohol, stable glycerin There is a chemical formula CH3COOH.
  Has chemical properties The molecular weight is 60.05 grams per mole, the density is 1.05 grams per cubic centimeter, the boiling point is 118.1 degrees Celsius and the strength is 16.67 degrees Celsius. The crystal of acetic acid is very pure. Orange juice concentrate or Clacial acid obtained from chemical extraction The acidic vinegar can be diluted to make vinegar.
  Acetic acid is well-known for the production of vinegar used to make sour foods. And helps in preserving food and not harmful to the body If used in quantities determined by the Ministry of Public Health And is cheap when compared with other natural acidic substances such as tamarind, lime etc. Aside from cooking, acetic acid is also useful in other areas as follows
    1. Food. Acetic acid is not intended for cooking alone. But also helps in preserving food, preventing spoilage from certain microbes. By using in the form of genuine vinegar containing 5-10% acetic acid or 25-80% acetic acid solution to be added to food to adjust the acidity-alkalinity of the food to be suitable for Microbial growth Allowing food to be stored for a long time, such as salad dressings, pickles, certain fruits, etc., and salts of acetic acid, such as sodium acetate Calcium Acetate Put it in a bun or bake bread to prevent the pastry from bacteria and mold in the bread.
    2. In medicine, acetic acid has been used as a solvent to prepare substances or mix with other substances in the production of certain drugs, such as Aspen sapphires, and is used to produce ear drops for treating ear infections. The acetic acid that is mixed in the ear treatment will inhibit the growth of mold and microorganisms that cause ear infections.
    3. Industrial Using acetic acid that can be synthesized from scientific process to be low-purity acetic acid Contamination of heavy metals This type of acetic acid is cheap, so it is popularly used in industries such as plastic production. Dyeing production Production of polymer fibers Manufacture of adhesives for the printing and tanning industry
    4. Agriculture has mixed acetic acid with insecticides Fungicide and microbial drugs in fruits and vegetables or mixed in bio-fermented water. To help control the growth of mold that damage the vegetables and fruits
        The company has imported from the United States, a container of 30 kilograms each size. Willing to deliver throughout the country.

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