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Nitric Acid68%
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Port: Thailand
Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Tons
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Product Description
CAS Number: 7697-37-2 
Chemical Formula: HNO3 
Molar Mass: 63.012 g/mol 
Specific Gravity: 1.498-1.506 
Appearance: Clear, Colorless and Transparent Liquid 
Total Acidity (as HNO3) min: 68% 
Nitrous Acid (as HNO2) max: 0.1% 
Chlorides (as Cl) max: 0.002% 
Sulphates(asH2SO4)max: 0.005% 
Residue on ignition max: 0.05% 
Nitric acid (HNO3) is a clear liquid, colorless or light brown, pungent odor, is a strong acid, molecular weight 63.01 Boiling point 83 degrees Celsius. Specific gravity 1.5. Steam pressure 4.3 mm. Mercury at 20 degrees Celsius, slightly volatile, dissolves well in water, is a strong oxidizer with most organic solvents sensitive to vibration and friction. Which may cause an explosion but is not flammable. When exposed to extreme heat or exposed to sunlight, decomposition produces toxic nitrogen dioxide gas. Nitric acid can corrode all metals except stainless steel and aluminum. Most of the sources are produced from nitrogen in the air by various processes such as using electric sparks to combine with oxygen to create nitrogen monoxide and to react with oxygen. Limestone and sulfuric acid to obtain nitric acid or oxidation of ammonia to air by platinum catalysts The concentration of nitric acid in the market is varied, such as 30-68% percent and with a specific gravity of 1.6. The commonly used nitric acid is 68% only and has a light brown color.
Danger to health and the environment If inhaled, irritating to the respiratory tract, compared to sulfuric acid, will have less erosion. And has the same toxicity as hydrochloric acid Chronic poisoning from slow and prolonged exposure can lead to swelling of the lung and respiratory tissues. Chronic inflammation of the lungs and airways and airways. Vapors or acid mist causes the enamel to erode. Contact with the skin causes yellow stains on that area. Unlike hydrochloric acid that is brown or black because it is a substance that reacts violently with flammable substances. Reducing base substances and many other organic substances Must be careful when operating, store in a cool, dark place, avoid from various flammable materials, avoid sunlight and heat, prevent decay due to toxic gas, fire and explosion, and avoid Various metal corrosion
      The company has imported from Korea, the size of each container is 35 kilograms.

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