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Chlorine (chlorine) is an inorganic substance in the halogen group. very pungent smell as a bleach Chlorine is an oxidizing agent (oxidizing agent) is a substance that is highly corrosive with a PH value. Acidic chlorine (chlorine) works well to kill germs when dissolved in water and has a PH value of 6-7 if Want chlorine to work better, should give the water condition a PH value. 5 Chlorine is a disinfectant for both microorganisms, fungi, bacteria, viruses. Chlorine is a chemical that is widely used in general industry, agriculture ( terrestrial and aquatic animals) wastewater treatment, cleaning, water supply processes, swimming pools, etc.

     Chlorine (chlorine) is divided into 5 types according to the conditions of use.

1. Chlorine 65%, 70%, chemical name calcium hypochlorite (calcium hypochlorite). This type of chlorine has both powder and flakes for disinfection by bringing chlorine dissolved with clean water according to the specified ratio of chlorine 65%. , 70% mostly used in industrial cleaning, dyeing, processed food, fruits and vegetables, water supply processes, etc.

2. Chlorine 90%, chemical name Trichloroisocyauric acid (T.C.C.A). This type of chlorine is available in both powder, flake, lumps of 200 g and 15 g with high acidity. Has a strong pungent odor, 90% chlorine, commonly used to kill germs in swimming pools, hospitals because it kills germs well. Safe and easy to use

3. 10% water chlorine, chemical name Sodium hypochlorite, this type of chlorine is a yellowish liquid with a pungent odor, commonly used in industrial cleaning, cold storage, seafood processing.

4. Chlorine dioxide, chemical name chlorine dioxide, this type of chlorine is a disinfectant (biocide) caused by the interaction between 2 or 3 chemicals. Chlorine dioxide is a synthetic substance. It is a yellowish-green gas, insoluble in water, but can disperse well in water. Once mixed, it should be used immediately and cannot be stored for a long time.

5. Chlorine gas gas chlorine
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