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Calcium Hypochlorite70%
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Calcium Hypochlorite 70%(Sodium Process)


White or light-grey granular

Available chlorine





  3.0 %max

Density g/ml



















in 40 kg plastic drum lined with PVC bag

Chlorine Granular 70% or chemical name Calcium hypochlorite 70% Ca(COL)2
It is a white fine powder with a pungent odor, dissolves well, is a water disinfectant that has been widely used for a long time until now. Since chlorine Granular 70% (calcium hypochlorite 70%) can kill more than 99% of the germs in the water including E. coli and virus Chlorine Granular 70% is most often used in tap water production, wastewater treatment, food processing and fruit processing, as well as for cleaning livestock houses and  calciumhypochlorite70% mixed with water to spray. The smell of garbage, waste and odor from the sewer pipes are full in the house as well Since calcium hypochlorite 70% is cheap Easy to use, no harm to people and pets
   Preparation of calcium hypochlorite 70% for utilization
1. Prepare plastic containers as needed.
2. Scoop about 2-3 glasses of clean water and pour into the prepared container.
3. Pour the desired amount of chlorine lime into the container and stir until thoroughly.
4. Scoop the clear chlorine lime water and put into the water that needs to be disinfected. Do the same until only the dissolved chlorine cement waste is not completely gone.
5. or mix it once by adding a lot of clean water
   The standard percentage of chlorine that can be disinfected should be 0.2-0.5ppm. For example, 1000 liters of water
should use calcium hypochlorite 70%  amount 20-50 grams. Or if the water is very dirty, can increase the amount of chlorine powder In the case of adding too much chlorine , the water that has added chlorine will have a blemish-like appearance that has to be left until the water is clear.
  Cautions for use

Calcium hypochlorite 70%
will cause respiratory irritation, causing nasal irritation, eye irritation, skin redness. Therefore, when preparing chlorine lime powder Should be protected as follows
1. Wear rubber gloves while preparing chlorine cement. There should be a cloth covering the nose and a shirt to cover the body entirely.
2. Do not let the chlorinated  touch the skin and into the eyes. After contact with skin, wash immediately with clean water. Immediately remove clothing. If in eyes, rinse with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical advice.
3. In the case of destroying the chlorine cement waste, dig a landfill
4. Storage: Keep the lid tightly closed and keep in a dry place and away from people and pets.
5. Containers should be only plastic.
The company distributes 40 kilograms . Delivered throughout the country.




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