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Trichloroisocyanuric acid(TCCA)90%
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Trichloroisocyanuric Acid 90%






Strong Chlorine



Purity (By Wt.) %

99.50 min

Available Chlorine (By Wt.) %

90% min

Moisture Content (By Wt.) %


BULK Density (G/CC)


Solubility CC water (At 25®)

1.2 G/100 CC

PH, 1% Solution


       Chlorine 90% , Chlorine, Clumps and Granules, Chemical Name (TCCA) is a chlorine for disinfecting in swimming pools, adjusting water conditions.
          chlorine90% is a formulated organic compound (C3CL3N3O3). It is used as a disinfectant in swimming pools, industries, bleach and organic synthesis solutions. Is a white, water-soluble lump that has Trichloroisocyanuric acid Trichloroisocyanuric acid It is known that Trichloroisocyanurates
          Trichloroisocyanuric acid is prepared from Cyanuric acid through reaction with chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide.
         1. Water with a high alkalinity from pH 8.5 and above will cause green algae from the bottom of the pool. If left for a long time, the water will be green throughout the pond. Correct by shocking the water which will be explained in the next order.
            2. Water turbidity caused by sediment suspended in the pool.
            3. The water condition is viscous, not clear as it should be caused by leaks and lotions that users Used before going to the pool. If the pool keeper always loses attention, fixing it will be more difficult.
           What chemicals are used and what do they do? How much is used per water, how many queues, including the danger to the users themselves The purpose of putting chemicals in the pool is To kill germs and to control the quality of water to meet the standards of water in a good pool Which must be measured and controlled with the following key values: pH or pH, water and chlorine. Chemicals to help control are: 1. Soda ash 2. Hydrochloric acid or dry hydrochloric acid 3. Filter powder 4. Algae control 5. Water softener 6. Accelerate sedimentation And  chlorine90%  tricoroisocyanuric acid
            There are 3 types of chlorine used in swimming pools: fine powder, flake, lump (200 grams) and granules (15 grams). The appropriate chlorine value in the pool is between 1.0-3.0 ppm and measuring every day By using a test kit to measure the amount of chlorine that must be added to the pool, can be compared as follows
         A 100 cubic meter pool needs to add chlorine to a value of 1 ppm. Chlorine must be added to 111 grams. If wanting to add chlorine to an additional value of 3 ppm, 300 grams of chlorine must be added. 90% of chlorine should be added at the time when the pool is closed or at night to provide acid. Cyanurate spreads throughout the pool.
         Caution in adding 90% of chlorine.
      Chlorine 90% is acidic, with a pH between 2-3, so should not be added with other chemicals. Chlorine works well in the water condition at pH 5.0-6.5 and the water condition in the pool should have the pH value of 7.2-8.
          Storage of 90% chlorine
      1. When the chlorine tank has been opened and used completely, the tank lid should be tightly closed and stored in a dry place. Especially those with chemical storage rooms Should not be in the middle Open and sunny And humidity will lower the percentage of chlorine.
     The company distributes 50 kilograms and 20 kilograms. Welcome to deliver all over the country.
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