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Aluminium Sulfate
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 Aluminium Sulphate 



Water not  Soluble%(w/w)




Alumina (AL2O3) %(w/w)  


Ammonium salt(คิดเป็น NH3) %(w/w)  


Iron (Fe) %(w/w)  


 Heavy Metals(Pb) mg/kg


Arsenic (As2O3) mg/kg


Manganese(Mn) mg/kg


Alum, opaque powders and lumps , Aluminum sulphate, used for treating waste water with opaque color
           Turbid alum or aluminum sulphate Chemical compounds with the formula AL2 (SO4) 3 dissolve in water and are mainly used as coagulants of particles with neutral charges. In keeping the water clean And wastewater treatment plants and in the production of paper Sometimes used in the food industry and in animal feeds Aluminum Sulphate may be used as a deodorant, astringent
    Aluminum Sulphate is an important substance in textile dyeing and printing. To purify water, it will make the suspended particles capture larger particles and then fall down to the bottom of the container (or filter out) more easily. This process is called coagulation or sedimentation. When dissolved in neutral or slightly alkaline water, aluminum sulfate Will cause aluminum hydroxide precipitation, AL (OH) 3 in dyeing and gelatin sedimentation printing Helps the dye to adhere to the clothing fibers by making the pigment insoluble
    Aluminum Sulphate It is sometimes used to reduce the PH value of the soil in the garden, as it hydrolyzed into a hydroxide aluminum sludge and diluted sulfuric acid solution. Examples of things that can change soil PH values ​​can be with plants. When looking at the macrophylia hydrangea, gardeners can add alumina sulfate to the soil to reduce their PH, which will cause the hydrangea flowers to change to another color (blue) .Aluminium is what makes flowers blue. At higher PH values, aluminum cannot be used for plants.
    In the construction industry, it is used as a sealant and accelerator in concrete.
    The company sells 25, 50 kilograms bag size.Appearance
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Powder, Lump

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