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Swimming pool salt, sodium chloride
        Salt pool Some are used instead of 90% chlorine. The use of salt makes the water soft and has a healthy feeling. Adding salt must add the right amount. And is the type of salt that is suitable for the pool as well
        Salt pools are used to create chlorine for disinfecting and preventing algae in the water. The chlorine that is caused by the salt added to the pool is not as harsh as normal chlorine. And does not cause common problems such as eye irritation and dry skin, damaged hair We recommend adding more salt to the pool after it rains. Because the rain will reduce the available chlorine efficiency Adding salt to the salt water pool will not have the same taste as sea salt or ocean salt, adding diluted water to get the required chlorine level.
         How does the salt generator work?
     Naturally, the salt is NaCL, SODIUM CHLORIDE. How the chlorine salt generator works Use the electrolyte process with dissolved salts when passing through the swimming pool filter system. Electrolytes are used in the "Sodium" salt, and the rest are chloride or chlorine. This type of chlorine is very natural and does not cause any harm to health.
         What are the benefits of the brine system?
     What makes the salt system well suited is Because chlorine is produced and distributed in the pool by the salt generation system Kills germs, including algae. Chlorine level consistency makes pool maintenance easier. Since there is no need to check chlorine levels every day and do not need to add chlorine to the pool every week
          Management and storage
      Recommend to use safe operation methods To avoid touching the eyes or skin
      Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
      Keep container tightly closed.
      Keep away from heat
      Keep away from strong oxidizing agents.
            The company has distributed a bag size of 25 kg.
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