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Ferric Chloride
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Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Tons
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  Ferric Chloride




Reddish brown Solution

Ferric Chloride (as FeCL3)% w/w

46 min

Ferrous Chloride (asFeCL2)% w/w


Free Acid (as HCL) %


Insoluble water %(w/w)


Specific Gravity(at 25c®


               Ferric chloride  is a catalyst for sedimentation in water. Dark brown Water and cubes

       Ferritic chloride Is a chemical that is important for the water quality adjustment process. Treating waste water from the community And waste water from industrial plants by creating a very good sediment or coagulant That is to say, able to eliminate Phosphates and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, etc. contained in waste water
      Ferric chloride can also control the group of waste water. By combining with sulphide radicals to become sulphate iron deposits, the odor of waste water decreases. Sludge produced by the use of ferric chloride can lie fast. The amount of sediment that occurs is less than other sedimentation substances.
      Health effects
Ferritic chloride Is a chemical that causes skin irritation Especially to the eyes. Therefore, people who work in contact with this chemical Must wear protective glasses Or wearing a face mask and wearing black rubber gloves
      The company sells 46% liquid and lumpy form (imported from China) packing 25 kilograms. Willing to deliver nationwide. For more
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