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Calcium Chloride
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Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Tons
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Industrial grade calcium chloride/food grade calcium chloride

 Calcium chloride is a salt composed of calcium element and chlorinated element, and its appearance is a solid with block, flake, granular, spherical, powdery appearance. It is odorless, slightly odorless, and easily soluble in water. Its aqueous solution is slightly alkaline and releases a lot of heat during the process of dissolving in water. It has strong hygroscopicity and is very easy to deliquesce when placed in the air.                                                                      Calcium chloride has a wide range of uses. According to different uses, it can be divided into industrial grade calcium chloride and food grade calcium chloride. According to different properties, it can be divided into anhydrous calcium chloride, dihydrate calcium chloride and liquid calcium.                                                                                                                             2.1. Industrial calcium chloride is mainly used in petroleum drilling, desiccant, snow melting agent, dehydrating agent, refrigerant, antifreeze, early strength agent, dust collector, refining agent, precipitant, coagulant, coagulant, In the production of pigments and printing and dyeing industries, it is used for waste paper processing and deinking, and is also a raw material for the production of other chemical products.                                                                                                              2.2. Calcium chloride for food is a widely used food additive. It is generally used in beverages as an electrolyte to enhance palatability. It can be used in pickled foods to reduce the amount of salt used. It can be used in cans. Gelatinization, enhance the consistency of congee, can be used to order tofu, improve the tenderness of tofu.                                                                                                           3. Precautions: Before and after use, keep it sealed and store in a dry and ventilated environment to prevent moisture absorption and deterioration that affect normal use.                                                                                 Note: The content of anhydrous calcium chloride is 94, the content of calcium chloride dihydrate is 74, and the content of liquid calcium is 27-40. In addition, our company also has 68-70 calcium chloride, the price is cheap, there is agglomeration, if you are interested, please feel free to contact

Packing specification: 25kg/bag                                                                                                                                    Packing bag: The outer layer is a woven bag, and the inner layer is a moisture-proof packaging with a plastic bag.


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