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Magnesium Sulphate
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1.Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate(แมกนีเซี่ยมซัลเฟต) 
3.white crystal or granular 
4.full soluble in water



Used to correct a magnesium or sulfur deficiency in soil



(1)It has laxative properties and provides relief from constipation.

(2)Used for the treatment of preeclampsia in pregnant women.

(3)It is administered intravenously or intramuscularly to pregnant women in order to prevent premature labor. It is also used to reduce convulsions during childbirth.

(4)Used for treating severe asthma attacks.

(5)Epsom salt dissolved in water can be applied topically on arthritic joints; patients suffering from osteoporosis have also experienced marked improvement in the painful condition after application of Epsom salt gel.

(6)Epsom salt is used in flotation therapy can complete relaxation of the body.

(7)It can cure a number of skin problems.

(8)Epsom salt can be included in the hair care regime as well.


Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate or Epsom salt needs to be added in marine aquarium after frequent interval of time. This is done to prevent deficiency of magnesium in the saltwater.

Dehydrating agent

Anhydrous magnesium sulfate acts as an excellent dehydrating agent in chemical synthesis of organic compounds.

coagulating agent

Used as a coagulating agent in soy milk for making tofu.

 Packaging Detail In 25/50kgs net WPP/PE bags


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