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Sodium Tripolyphosphate
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Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Tons
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Product Name:         Sodium Tripolyphosphate Food Grade (STPP)

   Na5P3O10:                        95.0%Min 
   P2O5:                                  57.0%Min 
   Fluoride(F):                        30ppm Max 
   Arsenic(As):                       3ppm Max 
   Heavy Metal(Pb):               10ppm Max 
   Chloride(CI):                      0.025%Max 
   Sulfate(SO4):                     0.4%Max 
   Water insoluble:                0.05%Max 
   PH:                                       9.5-10.0 
   Whiteness:                         85%Min 
   Phase I:                              10-60%
     Sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP - Sodium Tripolyphosphate) - is the sodium salt of phosphoric acid tri-existant. It is a white powder, soluble pigment produced by the reaction between Sodium Hydroxide with acid phosphoric acid and sodium hydroxide is sodium hydroxide non Hydroxide, which is alkaline.
     Sodium tripolyphosphate A substance that can cause skin irritation on contact. Used in the manufacture of cleaning products for industrial and domestic use. Metal products, food, feed, pulp and ceramics, but the most common is a detergent. Cleaning toilets and landscape by sodium tripolyphosphate can reduce the hardness of the water helps wash more efficiently. A buffer Capture dirt and grime to keep coming back to the surface again.
 For the food industry to improve the water holding capacity of meat and seafood. Prevent protein degradation, keeping the colors of products, reduction of gel in the juice. And meat, canned ham And caned beans are soft, reduce wrinkles in foods such as sausages. The name can be as open-Ta sodium tripolyphosphate and sodium phosphate.  

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