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Polyaluminium Chloride30%
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Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC)
Content ---------------------------------------------------------30%Min
Basicity ----------------------------------------------------------60-80%
Water-insoluble Matter --------------------------------------0.5%Max
PH Value --------------------------------------------------------3.5-5.0
Pb -----------------------------------------------------------------0.03%Max 
As -----------------------------------------------------------------0.0005%Max 
Cd ---------------------------------------------------------------- 0.0006%Max 
Fe ----------------------------------------------------------------- 0.0003%Max
What is the poly aluminum chloride?
Poly aluminum chloride. Or in English, Poly Aluminium Chloride is also known to many as "PAC" or some texts, it may be abbreviated as "PACI" is an aluminum salt with the chemical formula Aln (OH) mCl (3n-m) on O <m>. 3n type of polymer and inorganic. Formed by the merger of several nuclei. (Molecular weight) such as (Al6 (OH) 15) 3 +, (Al6 (OH) 15) 3 +, (Al6 (OH) 15) 3 +, etc. of these polyphenols. There is a basic salt, and the positive ions have a higher and more stable. General characteristics of PACI may be in the form of a clear solution. Or slightly turbid. And may be in the form of white powder. The physical and chemical characteristics. The following table.

The NTU stands for nephelometric turbidity units.
Source of information: AWWA B 408-93 Liquid Poly Aluminium Chloride.
PACI qualified, however.
The PACI substances. The suspended sediment in the water captured by the dirty water with a negative charge. Combines with positive ions in the PACI PACI sediment particle size structure of large molecules. There are many causes of sediment and heavy nuclei. Can settle quickly.
PACI is used for what.
PACI is available in all cases with water to give a precipitate. For example, a process that has led to the PACI and it works well.
• The raw water from the river.
• groundwater.
• Water in the industry.
• the separation of solid particles suspended in the process industries.
• The substance is also used to be back. By the precipitation of various types of wastewater.
What kind of industry does not have to use the PACI.
• The water community.
• disposal of waste water.
• Pulp and paper industry.
• chemical industry.
• the steel industry.
• the power industry.
• the construction industry.
• the food industry.

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