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Copper Sulfate
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Copper Sulphate /Agricultural  Grade(High Quality)




Blue Flake

CUSO4.5H2O %

98 min

Cu Content %

25 min

Chloride(CL) %


Iron(Fe) %


Arsenic(As) %


Lead(Pb) %


Mercury(Hg) %


Zinc(Zn) %


Water Insoluble


                                                                                                                                                                                                                Copper sulphate, anhydrous chemical formula, CuSO4, is a copper compound. Eliminate mold and bacteria
Benefits: Widely used in the animal feed industry. Is an animal feed additive Increase in copper deficiency in animals, stimulation of fattening and raising pigs, in chicken farms,
          Agriculture is used to increase copper ore in plants. Spraying against pests, metal plating industry, preventing and killing all kinds of green plankton in aquaculture farms, treating and adjusting water. Copper (II) sulfate is a compound There is a chemical formula CuSO4. This salt is in the form of a liquid compound and no water in the molecule. In the absence of water in the anhydrous form, it will appear whiteish gray. If there is water in the molecule (hydrated form, CuSO4.5H2O) it will be blue.
          Utilization is an analytical reagent which is a mixture of Fehling's and Benedict's solutions for reducing sugars, in which sugar reduces the copper (II) sulfate solution. The product is reddish-brown sediment. Of copper (I) oxide (Cu2O). In addition, CuSO4 is also a mixture of biuret solutions used to test proteins. CuSO4 used in the crystallization experiments. And electroplating copper And used to demonstrate the exothermic reaction The magnesium ribbon is dipped in the solution of CuSO4. In addition, it is also used to test the addition of water into the crystal structure (hydration) by observing the color change of CuSO4, which when heated to CuSO4.5H2O (blue ) Water molecules will fall out of the structure. CuSO4 (white-gray). Similarly, when water enters the molecules of CuSO4, it will return to CuSO4.5H2O. Observed by changing the color from white. The blue
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