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Caustic Soda flakes 98%
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Benefits: Widely used in the production of paper, synthetic detergents, soaps, adhesives, artificial silk and cotton fabrics in the textile industry, pesticides, dyes, rubber, fertilizer in the chemical industry, petro plants. Inlaid, metal plated
        Caustic soda (or caustic soda) is defined as "a compound called sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is a white solid Hygroscopic very well Soluble in water Utilized in the soap making industry. Rayon "
        Caustic soda is used in the production of various products related to daily life. And many other uses, such as the production of pulp and paper Soaps and detergents Chemicals Cleaning Oil refinery Metal industry applications Food industry, rayon, textiles and others
          Using chemicals to solve clogged pipes.
               When a drain is clogged, most people think of caustic soda or sodium hydroxide, sometimes known as chemicals, oily powder, or soda soda. General trade Or home repair equipment store Chemical Characteristics: White solid, odorless, alkaline The more intense, more powerful, hot and able to bite the skin in just a fraction of a second. Most people may not know the characteristics of chemicals. And good enough chemical reaction When actually put into use, causing unexpected follow-up problems such as when the pipe is clogged Will buy caustic soda Pour into the clogged pipe (use method should put caustic soda in the container first, slowly add water and stir until dissolved completely before pouring into the drain In order to prevent the caustic soda from sticking to the pipe wall, further clogging). Solving this kind of problem Can be used only with certain types of blockages, such as blockages caused by grease, soap stains, detergent stains
           Caution when using caustic soda
     Caustic soda can cause acute damage to the body. If inhaled, the smoke of the substance will cause respiratory irritation. Pneumonia may occur. Can flood the lungs If it gets into your eyes, it will have an effect of destruction Since irritation Or even severe that can cause blindness Contact with the skin will cause deep burns. If eaten, burns in the mouth, throat and gastrointestinal tract, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, unconsciousness can lead to death. People who have been exposed to the substance by mouth May develop into cancer after 12-42 years after ingestion
            First aid
    If breathing in, immediately remove the patient. To get fresh air and then immediately take to a doctor. If in eyes, rinse eyes immediately with warm water, slowly letting the water flow through the eyes for 30 minutes, keeping the eyelids open. Try not to let the eyewash flow with the chemicals flowing into the eye that is absolutely nothing. After contact with skin, wash immediately By allowing the water to flow through the exposed area for at least 30 minutes while removing any contaminated clothing and equipment, then get to the doctor as soon as possible.
            Caustic soda with continuous reactions
    Although caustic soda is a non-combustible substance. But if exposed to certain substances such as concentrated acids or react violently with water Will cause chemical reactions until sufficient heat is generated And causing the substance placed near to catch fire Firefighters therefore have to look at the substance that is a chemical reaction pair. And including choosing the right fire extinguisher for the event.
            The company has distributed a package of 25 kg and 1 kg per bag. Delivered throughout the country.

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