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Hydrogen peroxide50%
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Port: Thailand
Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Tons
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H2O2 concentration (m/m) 50% 
Free acid as H2SO4 (m/m) 0.04% 
Evaporation residue (m/m) 0.08% 
Stability 97% 
Total carbon (as C) (m/m) 0.035% 
Nitrate (as No3) (m/m) 0.025% 
        Hydrogen peroxide It is a peroxide compound (a substance that consists of oxygen and bonded with a single bond). The simplest form is a liquid that is slightly more viscous than water, has a bitter, non-persistent taste that can dissolve into oxide. Oxygen with water. When diluted, it becomes a colorless solution. Since hydrogen peroxide can dissolve into water when exposed to light and heat, this substance should be kept in an opaque container. In general, hydrogen peroxide is in the form of a 3-90% concentration solution. It is often used as a bleaching agent in food, cleaning agents, antiseptics on the skin, to clear old oil paintings. Up, make mouthwash The use of hydrogen peroxide for wound healing is used as a mild topical antiseptic drug, such as small wounds, but there are potential side effects from toxicity that interfere with wound healing, causing sores and irritation. As such, it should be used as needed. Hydrogen Peroxide can be used to bleach hair by mixing this substance with other substances until the solution is alkaline and then bleaching will make the hair lighter, easier to change the hair color and also cause The color you want to dye easily with the hair. Hydrogen peroxide is also contained in the leach solution, which should not exceed 6% of the hydrogen peroxide but found in the market from 3-40%. If used without diluting it will Causing irritation of the scalp and hair may be damaged It is also used as a bleach in the dyeing industry, which can be used with almost all fibers and has the least damage to the fibers. Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide requires the use of sodium silicate to control decay.In addition to bleaching fibers, hydrogen peroxide is also used to bleach ivory and feathers.
                  The company sells a container size of 30 kilograms per tank.

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